Pastor Habrecht Reinforces Sunday School Lesson During Divine Service

At Gloria Dei we use a variety of traditional liturgical settings for our worship services. These include the Divine Service, Matins, Vespers, Morning and Evening Prayer. The liturgies have developed over the history of the church using words of Scripture in responsive form, readings from Scripture, a sermon, hymns, prayers, and the Sacraments instituted by Christ for His church.

Our worship services are the center of our life together as a congregation. In these services, we receive gifts from God including the Good News that our sins are forgiven and the promise of eternal life with Him. We then respond to God with our words of praise and thanksgiving.

During the seasons of Advent and Lent, we add midweek services as we prepare for Christmas and Easter. If you would like additional information about related topics see the following: Liturgy, Divine Service, Church Year, Church Colors, Worship Space, and Worship Furnishings.