Church Year Calendar

Church Year Calendar

As we gather for worship, we are aware of time and history. The church year calendar or liturgical calendar is a way of remembering and celebrating the events and people that are part of the history of God accomplishing His plan of salvation. Remembering and celebrating these events and people also helps us to grow in our Christian life.

The basic element in the calendar is Sunday, which is a festival of Jesus’ resurrection. However, Christian Churches have historically observed other festivals which commemorate events in the life of Jesus or of significant individuals in the history of the Church. The purpose of the liturgical calendar is to guide commemorations as a part of our daily worship.

The calendar is divided into two parts:  (1) the festival portion of the year which focuses on the life of Christ and includes Christmas and Easter and seasons associated with these festivals; and (2)  the Pentecost season when the church learns about how the Lord provides for his church.

An additional part of the calendar are days of commemoration when the church remembers certain individuals and events in the church that showed God’s mercy and grace to the members of His body.

Seasons of the church year